At the U.S. Air Force Academy graduation ceremony in Colorado Springs, President Joe Biden fell, and the incident is still making headlines around the country.

The president’s sporadic stumbles and falls have become a hot topic, but this particular fall seems to be sticking out in a special way. The peculiar reason for the fall that was given, or possibly the general flow of events at the commencement itself? President Biden’s shoes are now the center of attention, sparking an intriguing rumor.

To be clear, no one is blaming the president’s shoes specifically for the fall. In fact, some online sleuths are speculating as to why he fell when he was wearing shoes that were intended to increase stability.

An intriguing detail can be seen by taking a closer look at the shoes. These shoes had rubber soles with a distinctive grip pattern and a horseshoe-shaped heel, in contrast to ordinary shoes that have flat bottoms. These shoes seem to have been designed to help someone who struggles with the balance due to age, like an 80-year-old traveling through terrain with lots of miles.

These heels’ resemblance to the ones the late Michael Jackson once wore to stay balanced during difficult dance routines has not gone unnoticed. They appear to have been able to assist the King of Pop in defying gravity, but not the President of the United States when he came into contact with a sandbag.

Every time President Biden experiences a misstep, slide, or accident, it is welcomed with a shrug and an understanding of his sporadic clumsiness. It has almost become a pattern.