Twelve-year-old Mikayla Gounard is returning a favor extended to her grandma, Evelyn Topper, who is 80 years old. After picking up an order from Kamson Coffee for herself and her granddaughter, Evelyn realized she had misplaced her wallet.

When the misplaced wallet was discovered, Sean Currey just so happened to be looking through the garbage can behind the coffee shop for food. Although friends advised him to use the credit cards, he ultimately decided to track down the owner and return it in person.

Sean, who is now living out of his car, and Evelyn met in a parking lot close to a mall. Evelyn gave him some money as a token of her gratitude and informed her granddaughter of the “Mitzvah” she had just performed.

As part of her drive-by birthday celebration, Mikayla was also collecting money for a good cause. She and her family agreed that Sean would be the recipient of the donation. To raise awareness of the situation, a photo was placed next to a money bowl with Sean’s consent.

Mikayla was able to collect $475 in total at the conclusion. Sean was moved that someone so young was ready to assist, and Mikayla was pleased to see him smile. People continued to ask the family how they could assist, though.

In order to help Sean Currey get off the streets, Mikayla and her mother, Vanessa Topper, made the decision to start a GoFundMe. Despite being a handyman, he had never gone without a shelter for as long as he had due to the pandemic.

The page has collected nearly $30k in donations since this move. converting an honest deed into another act of compassion. They also intend to work together with Sean to provide durable housing for the local homeless population.