These days, finding true love is difficult. But when it does, you ought to cherish it. These two have acted in this manner.

Lyndy and Ernest Griggs Sr. have been together for more than 43 years. It was an impressive accomplishment for them both and in the Lord’s eyes. They have endured this long because of Ernest’s generosity.

In the midst of a Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen in Orlando, Florida, Ernest felt inspired to sing to his wonderful wife. The original song describes how they first met and how much he still cares about her.

According to the lyrics, he and his wife first met when she was just sixteen years old. They made the decision to be married four years after they started dating. The remainder is history.

Ernest appears to be a dancer in addition to being a poet. He puts on a show for his wife while singing sweetly to her. The middle of the diner is filled with movements and gestures.

He confidently sings that they have been together for 43 years and that Lyndy is still by his side, to the loud applause of the diners at the restaurant.

An onlooker congratulates Ernest’s performance as he gleefully exclaims, “That won’t be outdone!” and appears delighted with himself. By his side, a modest Lyndy beams proudly.