A woman wondered if she was in the wrong for making a joke on her mother-in-law after discovering her “snooping” through her things.

After four years of dating, the woman stated that her fiancé had finally moved in with her. They’re thinking of making it their permanent residence.

’She bought her house seven years ago, so the majority of the furnishings is hers, but they are discussing’making it a home for both of them.’

She has noticed, however, that when his mother comes to visit, she “snoops” and goes through her belongings.

“One item she snooped on was embarrassing,” she admitted on Reddit. On my monitor in my home office, I had a small ‘affirmation’ post-it note that wrote, ‘I am smart, I am skilled, and I am deserving of great things.’

“It was a crazy suggestion from my therapist to get me in the correct frame of mind before an interview.”

“However, she made a remark about my ego…”

So she and her partner decided to make a few more “affirmations” to hide as a prank one night while “wine drunk.”

Among them were:

“Doctor’s office: My teeth are going to regrow!” I have shark-like strength and agility!

“I know when to spoon and when to fork in the kitchen drawers!” I’m sexy and self-assured!

“Work desk: I’m not just f**king my way to the top of the corporate; I’m f**king my way to the top of the world!”

“Walk-in closet: both dressed and undressed, I’m lovely!” Especially when you’re on your own! “My boobs are famous!”

Her mother-in-law noticed a few the following time she came over, and while she didn’t recognize them directly, she began acting suspiciously.

“I left to run some errands, and when I came back, she confronted Al about the notes, and she was trying to convince him that I was unstable, narcissistic, and that moving in was a bad idea,” she continued.

She then showed him the notes, which he couldn’t make sense of.

“When he asked, I told him they were just some stupid private messages to boost my self-esteem and make me laugh; how had she obtained them?” Was she going through my stuff?

“He claimed she was only cleaning when she noticed them.” And they were a touch odd.

“He asked if I intentionally left them there to irritate her, and I admitted it was a joke, but I also have other odd or private s**t, so what I said about her needing to stop looking was kind of a joke.”

“He said I was making things difficult for him because his mother was overprotective and adjusting to him moving in with a girlfriend for the first time, and I was purposefully bothering her and making her fear I wouldn’t be a suitable spouse when he wanted her to believe the opposite!”

She closed her post by wondering whether she was out of line for playing the prank, and the majority of people agreed, condemning the mother-in-law for invading her privacy.

Others criticised her fiance for not defending her.

“If you don’t set boundaries with your fiancé’s mother now, it will be infinity times worse when you marry,” one person observed.

“It says volumes that he continues to defend her and chalks it up to overprotectiveness,” another remarked. While I hate to be the one to say, ‘omg this is horrible, you should break up over a tiny issue,’ this is a red flag.”

“So you’ve been dating for four years,” a third person said. You’ve decided to marry. And his mum isn’t sure about your compatibility?”

“It’s such a playful thing to do,” someone else commented, surprised as the joke passed her by. Plus, she wouldn’t have seen them if she hadn’t snooped/’tidied.’

“Perhaps she’s having difficulty letting go of her son, but humorous notes aren’t cruel; they’re just foolish notes.”

“She’s breaking into your house,” one individual said. I would have gone even further and left notes saying things like, ‘No one likes a snoop,’ and ‘You are not invited to peek through my items.’ Yours, on the other hand, were quite amusing.”