Sami Sheen has spoken out after her father, Charlie Sheen, attacked her decision to join the website OnlyFans.

OnlyFans is a paid subscription platform popular among media figures, celebrities, adult entertainers, and influencers. Users on this platform can occasionally access private, adult-oriented content.

When the actor from Two and a Half Men discovered that his daughter was one of them, he was not pleased.

Charlie claimed in an interview with E! News that he “does not condone this.”

“But because I can’t stop it, I convinced her to make it tasteful and innovative, and not to compromise her integrity,” he concluded. 

The father went on to add that the decision for his daughter to join the platform was not made “inside his roof.”

“She will turn 18 this year, and she still lives with her mother,” he said.

Sami hosted an Instagram Q&A session to discuss her most recent endeavor.

One of the teen’s fans wondered if her parents were aware of her OnlyFans account.

“Yes, and my mum is extremely encouraging,” Sami responded.

She didn’t say anything about her father’s point of view on the subject.

Sami’s mother, Denise Richards, commented on her daughter’s Instagram post in response to the news that she will be making her OnlyFans debut.

“Sami You may always count on my unfailing support and protection. “I adore you,” the Wild Things star is said to have written to her daughter.

During an appearance on Jeff Lewis Live on Sirius XM, Richards stressed that Sami’s decision to join OnlyFans had nothing to do with who lives in her house.

She went on to say that, while Charlie’s house has “other rules,” her house has “certain restrictions” that she “enforces,”.

“And that’s fine,” she added at the time.

During her Instagram question-and-answer session, Sami also responded to a fan who asked her, “Do you genuinely think you have the body for [OnlyFans] ?”

She, on the other hand, ignored her followers’ attempts to condemn them for their bodies and instead assured them that OnlyFans accepts people of all body shapes.

She replied, “absolutely,” emphasizing that there is no requirement for “OnlyFans” participants to have a “body.”

She continued by saying that the only thing that truly matters is that you are comfortable with what you are presenting and that all bodies are beautiful.

She reacted to the question by uploading a photo of herself devouring a massive slice of pizza.

Sami is not only a content developer for OnlyFans, but she is also an actor.

She is best known for her role as Lisa’s daughter in Two and a Half Men, as well as her portrayal of herself in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and her mother’s show Denise Richards: It’s Complicated.