I’m sick and tired of being poor, I’m going to work abroad, the poor man said to his wife.

He then departed to Africa. He came back a few years later.

As he drew closer, he was astounded by his home’s opulent and wealthy appearance.

The servant opened the door after he knocked.

He asked, “Is the housewife here?”

Just a moment, the servant retorted.

The Wife emerges, saying: Wow, my man, after all these years, you’re still dressed like a wealthy man.

Husband: Well, guess what? I’m wealthy.

Wife: How?

Husband: When I traveled to Africa, I saw people sleeping on the sand and going about without underwear, so I started making and selling mattresses and underwear. I quickly became wealthy because of the strong demand.

Wife: A man, with all of your strength, had to go all the way to Africa, making beds and underwear, to get rich, and I am a little woman that stayed here, without underwear and on a single bed…I got REAL rich.