The signs seemed to have no significance, but when Matthew Beard’s son, Harry, explained what they stood for, he was terrified by what he heard. He discovered that his kid had made notes on his hand in order to keep track of how often he had been bullied at school. The right hand of his son was used to write the notes.

His child was the victim of verbal and physical bullying during the first week of attending high school, and he was even keeping track of it with his hands. Now, the worried father from London is using social media to reach out to other parents with his message.

He has also advocated for schools to “come down harder” on bullies and said that the parents of bullies should face consequences. “It’s been a little over a week since my kid began high school”, the man said.”

“He has kept track of the number of times he has been bullied, either verbally or physically, throughout the course of the previous two days on his hand.  Bullies must be dealt with more severely in schools, and the parents of bullies must be punished.”

“He wanted to show us how often it happened in in the previous two days of school,” the father said. Even if you don’t know what’s going on, you want your kids to be safe while they’re away at school. I am certain that everything will turn out for the best in the end.”

In reaction to the post, hundreds of people have voiced their worry. ” That’s awful, Matt,”. ” I’m hoping he’s doing okay”. One of my proudest accomplishments is that I made it through school. They don’t do enough to stop it, and they want the victim to change themselves far too frequently to end the bullying. Bullies need to be stopped, therefore they must act against them.

“I’m a teacher, and when I worked in schools, you wouldn’t believe how often that happens,” when Lily was questioned about her line of work. Those responsible of the kids protection are probably aware of the problem, but they are too frightened to take any action. More of this is urgently required!

Jo said, “Just by having this talk with you, he has already overcome the first and most important hurdle,” as he expressed his opinions. Let’s cross our fingers that the school will resolve the situation! Lots of love and positive energy for Harry.