A little girl was born with a black spot on her face that marked her childhood

Although everyone looked at her ugly as a child and was told she was ugly, when the little girl grew up, her appearance became surprising.

The girl in question was born in Brazil and is now 24 years old. She was born with an aesthetic problem that consists of a stain that covered a fairly large area of ​​her skin.

She went through many embarrassing moments, but that did not stop her from achieving her dream, that of becoming a model for famous magazines.

The girl’s name is Mariana Mendes. She says she has a hard time getting used to the fact that she looks different from other people and hardly talks about her childhood when friends and colleagues made jokes about the look on her face.

However, Mariana has learned over time that the thing that differentiates her and makes her unique can be the most important asset she has.

Mariana’s dream came true when at the age of 20 she made an amazing photo pictorial.

The purpose of the photos in the pictorial was to sound the alarm to people that the idea of ​​beauty is relative and that what may seem like a difference in a bad way to other people can actually make you unique and special.

The black mark that Mariana has from birth covers a fairly large part of the right half of her face.

Doctors say that this stain is actually called melanocytic nevus that has a congenital origin, and the rarity of this sign in newborns is one in 20,000 babies.

Mariana underwent laser surgery at the age of 5 because the girl’s mother wanted to minimize the effects from birth so that her daughter would not be marginalized by the other children and would not suffer because of this when she grows up.

With the support of her parents, Mariana is proud of what she is now and the way she looks. She says she feels more beautiful and different because of this nephew.

She reports that there are a lot of people staring at her but this does not bother her.

There were also people who said it was ugly or strange.

At the same time, many people ask her if the stain is a tattoo or a make-up.