A lady and her children were swimming calmly in the sea while they were on vacation when something emerged from beneath the water and left everyone speechless.

A young woman named Bethany and her kids were on summer vacation. She made the decision to go swimming at the beach that day.

In the warm, crystal-clear waters of the southern Japanese sea.  Everything was normal as they played on the beach and swam all day.

Hyrum Bronson, Bethany’s husband, was unable to arrive because of work, therefore the lady had traveled with the kids and several friends.

He was in the military, serving a six-month deployment in Afghanistan.

A family friend began photographing Bethany and her kids after they were all in the water and asked her to greet Hyrum because her father had been gone for several weeks. Charity, his daughter, then informed him that she would always love him and that she missed him terribly.

But as they were being filmed, something started to approach them from behind. What a shock! No one anticipated that!

It was Hyrum who intended to surprise his entire family by emerging from the ocean and wearing a diving outfit. And he was successful!

Here is the touching scene that brought Bethany to tears.