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Little Johnny had a terrible grade on his math test. It was so bad that his teacher felt the need to call his father. When Johnny got home that afternoon, his father stood at the doorway with a cross expression on his face. He asked, “Why did you fail your math test?”

Johnny shrugged and gave an unexpected answer. He said, “My teacher isn’t very good.” His father was astonished by this excuse and wanted to hear more. He urged Johnny to explain himself.

“Well,” Johnny began, “on Monday, my teacher said that 3+5 equals 8.” His father raised an eyebrow. “And then on Tuesday, she told us that 4+4 equals 8. And on Wednesday, she said that 6+2 equals 8.” Johnny’s father was curious to know where this was going.

Johnny continued, “If my teacher doesn’t even know what equals eight, how am I supposed to know the right answer?” Both Johnny and his father burst into laughter at the funny predicament.

Sometimes, a little humor can lighten the mood, even when it comes to math troubles. It’s a reminder that everyone makes mistakes, even teachers.

So, next time you encounter a challenging math problem, just remember that even the experts can slip up. And who knows, maybe you’ll find a funny excuse to share too!