The world was surprised by new photos of Loni Willison, the ex-wife of actor Jeremy Jackson (41), who is best known for her part in “Baywatch.”

She walked the red carpet on her husband’s arm a few years ago, but today she lives on the streets and eats trash.

The “Baywatch” actor and Loni established one of Hollywood’s most gorgeous and envied couples. His ex-wife has been sleeping on the streets and living in trash cans in Los Angeles, and the photographs with her are frightening.

Loni, a former model, and a well-known fitness teacher was recently spotted on the streets of Venice, short-haired, with a hat on her head, filthy and barefoot, looking through dumpsters while pushing a shopping cart behind her filled with dirty clothes, blankets, and garbage.

Loni has gone from being a gorgeous woman who drew everyone’s attention in the past to being unrecognizable and in a dreadful state today. The photographs of her are difficult to see.

Loni Willison got despondent after her divorce from Jeremy Jackson and began abusing drugs. Jeremy Jackson’s repeated beatings, which stemmed from his severe alcoholism, were partly to blame.

As a result of her alcoholism, as well as mental issues, she attempted suicide multiple times.

In 2012, Loni and Jeremy married and became inseparable. The two appeared to be madly in love every time they appeared on the red carpet.

However, tensions between the two began to surface in 2014, and they chose to divorce barely two years after becoming husband and wife.

Furthermore, when her friends attempted to place her in a clinic to treat her mental difficulties in 2018, she vanished and was just recently discovered in a dreadful state.

Her photographs have been seen all over the world, and she bears little resemblance to the beautiful blonde who moulded the bodies of celebrities at the gym. The lovely blonde has plummeted to the point where regular folks walk right past her on the street.

Furthermore, according to the tabloid The Sun, when Loni ran out of money, she refused help from her ex-husband or friends and instead chose to live on the streets.

“I didn’t say anything to Jeremy. I’m alright if I don’t chat to my buddies. I don’t want anyone’s assistance, “She told The Sun about it.

“I’m self-sufficient. Right now, I have all I require. Nobody seems to care about me, and I’m not interested in seeing anyone. I don’t have a phone, but I do have food and a bed. I discover food near stores and in trash cans. There’s a lot there, to be sure “she stated

In an interview with The Sun, Loni admitted that she ended up on the streets not due of her popularity or drugs, but because of “really nasty people.”

“It was just brought to our attention at the time. Even if I requested assistance, no one would be able to assist me (…) I can’t stay in one location for long. I can’t live in a structure.

I’m not able to live in a house. I can’t stay in one place for long because I’m always on the move. Because some people made fun of me, I’m not going to make anyone’s life more difficult.

So all I have to do now is wait and watch what occurs as time passes. (…) I don’t want anyone to assist me in any way “Loni went on to say.