Did you know that there are signs that show any woman’s real age? Yes. And we are not talking about grey hair, wrinkles, or the neck area. Some other attributes can show your real age, and you may not know about them

Knowing about these parts may come in handy. We at Viral Strange will show 9 signs that reveal a person’s true age.

1. Lips become drier

Who doesn’t want plumpy lips forever? Those juicy lips are sensual and nice. Over the years, however, lips lose their volume. They become drier, visually smaller, and thinner.

2. Dark circles

Have you ever woke up tired, with baggy eyes? Well… The lack of collagen after the age of 30 will make the skin around the eyes more transparent. Blood vessels will be more visible, hence, the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

3. The earlobes increase in size

The earlobes also lose their elasticity with time. As a result, they get stretched out and visually increase in size.

4. The forehead becomes flat

Your forehead may reveal your age, too. It becomes flat with time, because of the loss of volume in this area.

5. The shape and/or size of the belly button

Who would have thought? The belly button can reveal one’s true age! Yes. It happens because, with time, the belly button may change in size or shape because of weight gaining, piercings, or pregnancies.

6. Eyebrows “slide” down

That young, stretched face is everything a woman wants. However, we have t embrace what aging brings us, too. In time, the lack of collagen production makes the eyebrows “fall” down, giving us a more grumpy look.

7. The “triangle of youth” gets upside-down

Younger women have the apex directed downward and the base along the forehead. It’s the so-called “triangle of youth.” In time, it turns upside-down. Our cheeks lose their elasticity, and we don’t look as young as we did before.

8. The skin loses its luster

A glowy skin forever, please! Yeah, that’s not that simple. Life and aging come baring gifts and not the appealing ones. Our skin loses its healthy look and becomes duller because of the lack of collagen and elastin.

9. The drooping corners of the lips and eyes move down

With aging, the drooping corners of the lips and eyes move down. The facial muscles that support the corners of the mouth get weak, and the skin around the eyes loses its elasticity.

Did you know about these? Does your overall look reveal your real age? Or the age it’s just a digit, and you embrace everything with pride? Tell us more in the comments.