Zubaida Hasan, 9, grew up in a small Afghan village and led a typical life.

But everything changed abruptly in 2001. Her household’s modest gas stove was lit when it suddenly erupted. She caught fire, which had disastrous consequences.

The skin on her face melted into her chest, and one of her arms became tethered to her body. A nearby physician informed Zubaida’s father that she had no chance of survival and was forewarned of this.

Zubaida’s father, on the other hand, was adamant that his daughter live, and the events that followed were truly miraculous.

Following the terrible disaster, doctors declared that there was nothing they could do. They advised her father to take the child home, put her to sleep, and then abandon her to die.

However, Zubaida’s father refused to give up and chose to take a risk. Even though the US military hospital does not frequently accept civilian patients, he brought Zubaida there in Kabul, Afghanistan.

However, after witnessing the extent of the girl’s suffering, the local medical staff made an exception and admitted her.

Zubaida was treated by burns specialist and plastic surgeon Peter Grossman shortly after arriving in the United States.

Zubaida underwent several procedures that required skin transplants from various parts of her body.

Despite her youth, Zubaida demonstrated incredible strength and tenacity. Dr. Grossman was taken with Zubaida, and the two became close.

She was welcomed into the home of the plastic surgeon and his wife, who were able to support her during her difficult time.

Zubaida had learned English, enrolled in a local school, and made many new friends after 12 weeks.

Zubaida’s face was restored after only a year, and she was able to sing, play the guitar, and dance again, thanks to the medical team’s dedication and her strength.

Despite the fact that her first doctors thought she was a hopeless case, the girl was given a second chance in life, and her transformation is unparalleled!

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