Zach Roloff is currently in the recovery stage of his emergency brain surgery. His father, “Little People, Big World” actor Matt Roloff, was the first to break the news.

“Family members have kept in touch and communicated regularly. Zach is undergoing a major shunt revision, and we are all praying for him.” Matt captioned an Instagram photo on February 9.

Tori Roloff, Zach Roloff’s wife, issued an update and photos of her husband lying in a hospital bed with a bandage on his head after some time had passed. “It’s been a stressful 72 hours, but he is doing great and recuperating,” Tori captioned her Instagram photo.

Tori thanked everyone who helped her family during this unexpected surgery, especially her mother-in-law Amy Roloff, who watched Tori and Zach’s three children so Tori could accompany her husband to the hospital.

“I’m here praying that Zach’s recovery is swift and easy and that this will be our prayers to relieve his headaches,” she wrote to her husband.

“Zach, you are a total badass. You recently had brain surgery and handled it expertly. I’m very happy with you,” she said. Three days later, Zach updated his status on social media.

Zach Roloff posted a photo of himself sitting on the couch with his three small children all around him in his living room. Zach began his comment on his Instagram post by thanking everyone who has helped the family. He went on to say that it had been an “emotional week,” but that he is “on the road to recovery.”

Roloff claimed that “after becoming seriously ill,” he needed brain surgery. He then made a lovely reference to his wife. “Thank you to @toriroloff for being a rock in our family this week and motivating the kids,” he said.

He also expressed gratitude to his mother for accompanying him to the emergency room. Zach also took a moment to think about the patients who were still in the hospital and wanted to make sure they were included in his message.

Zach’s post drew a flood of responses from fans, quickly filling the comments section. “I’m overjoyed that everything worked out perfectly. Do you intend to modify your shunt in the future? I hope you feel better soon!”

“Zach, I’m so glad you’re back home and feeling better. I’ll pray for you, Tori, and your beautiful children.” Another Instagram comment was read. It’s safe to say that everyone is relieved to see Zach back in his rightful place after his ordeal.