Dallas became one of the most successful primetime soap operas in television history because to actress Victoria Principal’s legendary role as Pamela Barnes Ewing.

Victoria was born in Japan on January 3, 1950. At the time of her birth, her father was the United States Air Force Sergeant stationed in Fukuoka, and she spent the first few months of her life there.

Victoria attended 17 different schools during her childhood due to her family’s relocation.

She made her first appearance on television at the age of five in a commercial, but she had no idea that acting would become her career.

When it comes to her childhood, there are allegations that it wasn’t easy for her. Her tumultuous connection with her mother was the basis behind this.

“I wish I had known my childhood would end,” the actress remarked in a 2012 interview with Huffington Post.

She was reportedly alleged to have commented at one point, “I was incredibly fortunate.”

My parents raised me in such a way that I never realized I wasn’t on an equal footing.”

When it came to picking a job, Victoria decided she wanted to be a doctor, and she was well on her way to realizing her ambition.

However, just as she was about to complete her first year of study, Victoria was involved in a vehicle accident and suffered serious injuries.

She was obliged to take some time off to heal, and as a result, she missed a lot of classes in college and had to start over from the beginning.

That was something she didn’t want to do at the time.

One of her earliest cinematic roles was as the mistress of Roy Bean, the main character in Paul Newman’s The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean.

She was nominated for a Golden Globe for best newcomer for this performance.

Victoria found that acting was time-consuming and exhausting as she received more offers, so she moved on and became a talent agent.

However, she was cast in the part of Pamela Barnes Ewing around two years later.

“I had left acting to become an agent and was on my way to law school when a buddy dropped off a Dallas script, so I read it,” she recalled.

When I finished, I realized that something of my life had altered. So I called [casting] and told them I was sending someone in. ‘Who?’ she asked.

‘Just put my name down,’ I said. It’ll be a pleasant surprise.’ And that was certainly unexpected — I showed up with myself! “I applied for it myself!”

Victoria was elevated on a pedestal as a result of the series’ success. She was 28 years old when Dallas first aired.

She was nominated for a Golden Globe and two Soap Opera Digest Awards, among other honors.

Victoria then quit the series in 1987. There were numerous theories as to why she resigned. “It took a lot of effort to keep Victoria Principal and Pam Ewing apart.

She told the New York Times in 1987 that staying on the show any longer would “certainly seal my fate in the profession.”

Victoria was married twice in her life. Her first and second marriages also ended in divorce.

Despite the fact that she has no children of her own, she is very close to her second husband’s son and daughter from a previous marriage.

When she left Dallas, she started her own skincare firm, Principal Secret, which has grown into a $1.5 billion a year empire. The actress has a net worth of $350 million, according to sources.

She did, however, decide to take a step back and focus on her charity, The Victoria Principal Foundation for Thoughtful Existence, after years as the company’s CEO.

“I’m still completely committed to running Principal Secret, my skincare company. We are approaching our 27th year in operation.

And I’ll never forget how Dallas helped me reach so many of my goals,” she said in an interview with TV Insider in 2018.

The actress is now 72 years old and still appears as lovely and attractive as she did when she was younger.

She’s quite active on social media, sharing images of herself and the animals she helps, as well as old photos from when she was filming the show that changed her life forever.