For the sake of his children, Johnny Depp said he felt the need to “clear the record” at the start of his defamation trial.

Lily-Rose is well known to the public due to her great acting career and position as a Chanel brand ambassador, but her younger brother is far less well known.

In contrast to Lily-Rose, Jack seems uninterested in continuing his father’s legacy and, as a result, maintains a quiet life. He doesn’t appear to be on any social media sites, keeps a low profile, and appears in few pictures.

Their mother, Vanessa Paradis, acknowledged in a recent interview that she made every effort to keep her children out of the spotlight. “I do keep them away from the cameras because I don’t want our kids to feel pressured to gain from our celebrity,” she said. ” They did not ask for that.”

Jack and Lily-Rose, according to Lily-Rose, both spoke French and used it as a “secret language” in school while studying in America. “Whenever my brother and I wanted to express anything that was going to be just between us, we could say it in French and nobody would understand,” she said.

Jack has always been artistic, which is not surprising given his parents’ backgrounds.

According to his proud father, “Jack, my child, is a very, really brilliant artist, Jack is really interested in music and drawing. He also plays music quite well. He is quite good at sensing that.”

He hasn’t shown any acting interest outside of school plays and other activities. Furthermore, Johnny said he was overjoyed to learn that Jack had started a band and added, “That’s my baby!”

Very little is known about Jack’s private life. In 2020, he was rumored to be seeing French model Camille Jansen; the two were spotted together in the UK. “We’re celebrating Jack’s 18th birthday today.”  In addition to a photo of the two of them, Camille did share a birthday message to her partner on Instagram.

Although Jack and Camille have since broken up, it appears from the comments that she still remains in touch with Lily-Rose, who is her sister.

Vanessa was unable to attend the premiere of her film, Knife and Heart, in 2018 due to Jack’s sickness.

At that point, “Vanessa Paradis was unable to join us this evening, which is sad,” remarked the director Yann Gonzalez to reporters. “She had to go because her son had serious health difficulties.”

Despite the fact that they never made a public comment about it, Jack Depp’s illness wasn’t the Depp family’s first experience with a major disease. Due to kidney failure brought on by an E. coli infection in 2007, Lily-Rose spent a few weeks in the intensive care unit.

It’s clear that as siblings, Jack and Lily-Rose are quite close to one another. She also shared a bunch of old photos of the two on Instagram in honor of Jack’s 18th birthday in 2020.

“Jackie is 18 years old. My heart and soul, my little brother, happy birthday,” she continued. “My absolute affection is for you.”

Even while Johnny and Vanessa make an attempt to keep their family hidden from the public, it is clear that they are completely committed to Lily-Rose and Jack. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the actor admitted: “With my kids, they’re told they’re loved 75 times a day.”

Johnny has a tattoo of his son on his body as well. Similar to Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, it has a sparrow soaring over the water with the sun in the background. Johnny has Lily’s name tattooed on his chest.