We all understand that a vacation is just the best remedy after months of nonstop effort. A beach, some sunbeds, a drink, and the sound of the waves lapping against the coast. Right now, you’re probably imagining the ideal destination, but after reading this post, you could look into purchasing an airline ticket to compare pricing.

In addition to our money, accommodations, and the region we choose to stay in while on vacation, there are other factors to consider while traveling to exotic locations. O ne crucial factor? Climate, culture, and why not go online for feedback from others about their experiences there.

We’ll share with you the tale of a couple that had a terrible trip to the Dominican Republic. We may say that they were at the wrong place and time, and if you enjoy taking lengthy beach walks, you must read this article all the way through.

In 2018, Ed Zytner and Katie Stephens finally fulfilled their dream of traveling to Punta Cana by boarding an aircraft. They disconnected from the people, their jobs, and their stress and only wanted time to themselves. Everything was wonderful.

One of their favourite activities, perhaps? Long strolls on the sun-kissed sand with bare feet. The idea wasn’t the best. Why? The sand actually held some secrets and was not as safe as they had believed. Later on, you’ll understand why.

After their vacation was over, they went back to their homes. It was odd that they both had incredibly itching feet, which only became worse as the days went by. Their legs began to swell, and bruises started to show in certain places. After several examinations, they were sent to the hospital, but nobody was able to determine what was wrong.

They used a variety of oils and organic treatments, but nothing worked; instead, the condition grew worse with time. But Ed and Katie persisted, going to various clinics and different doctors for further examinations.

After numerous doctor visits, someone had a solution. A doctor recalled a case identical to this one from 10 years ago with a traveler who experienced the same symptoms while in Thailand. The issue was a parasite that penetrates the skin and often finds its way into feces-infected regions.

The parasite they spoke with was known as “Larva Migrans,” and it is a problem in certain far-flung places. In the end, the doctor was able to get a specialized prescription therapy from Canada, and if used properly, they would be well. Although it may take some time, they were really fortunate to find someone who has previously dealt with similar situation.

Unlucky, right? Be sure to tell your friends and relatives about this since they might wish to visit that region and enjoy going for walks on the beach.