“You are a bad mother, I tell you. The toddler is at your feet as you glance at your phone.” What was the lady’s justification?

A picture of a lady using her phone as her child is left on the ground covered in a blanket in an airport has gone viral on the Internet. In the virtual world, the young mother received scathing criticism for opting to use the phone while putting her infant on the floor like it was luggage.

When the picture was posted online with the Albert Einstein quotation, “I am fearful of the day when technology will be more essential than interpersonal ties,” the image quickly gained popularity. “A generation of fools will populate the globe.”

She appears to be a twisted mother at first glance, but after learning why she abandoned her infant on the floor, we will be less likely to make snap judgments about people.

Observing how the image that was taken without her permission became popular online and was accompanied by foul language like “You are a twisted mommy!! You’re on the phone, with the baby on your feet, and you don’t care about him… “, the mother decided to be honest.

Molly Lensing, a pediatric nurse by trade with two additional children at home, and her two-month-old daughter were left detained at the Colorado airport for more than 20 hours after their flight was cancelled.

“Anastasia had been in the stroller for far too long, and I was beginning to have hand fatigue from carrying both my bag and Anastasia in my arms.” Molly said on a television broadcast that she wanted a place to lay down, and I had to talk to all the family members who were asking where we were.

The woman added that she noticed the image of her circulating online a few months after the bad incident she had at the Colorado airport. After other internet users recognized her name, Molly started getting negative comments on Facebook. Others stated that she was “a bad mother,” while others backed her.

“I believed my right to privacy had been invaded. I was worried that my employer or one of my coworkers would discover the photo and be asked to leave because I work at a pediatric clinic. Thankfully, this was avoided, ” stated Molly Lensing.