Woody Harrelson has been a fan favorite since his appearance on the NBC sitcom Cheers. He has since won numerous acting awards and, most recently, opened a cannabis dispensary in West Hollywood. The actor has also made a point of discussing his strict eating habits, which he began as a young actor after discovering he was lactose intolerant.

Harrelson, whose most well-known roles include Marty Hart in True Detective and Bill Willoughby in the smash 2017 film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, has previously been hailed as a “vegan hero” for advocating the specific diet in search of more vitality. Harrelson has been quoted saying that diet is essential besides a vegan diet.

He also eats many raw foods, or foods that haven’t been cooked. “Raw food” is “food that has not been refined, canned, chemically processed, or heated above 48 degrees Celsius.” The actor has also delved into his past, admitting that his diagnosis of lactose intolerance ultimately led him to give up dairy and meat for good.

As a young actor in New York, Harrelson suffered from a runny nose and severe acne. The singer, who had been suffering from the symptoms for years, dismissed them as a result of adolescence and hormonal fluctuations.

It wasn’t until a woman on the same bus as he suggested that he might be lactose intolerant that his bothersome and persistent symptoms were explained.

According to Harrelson, “I was on a bus, and some female saw me blowing my nose.”

“I’d been dealing with acne on my face for years. If you stop eating dairy, your symptoms will disappear in three days.

“I was about 24 years old. ‘No way!’ I thought.”

His mucus-filled nose and itchy skin “went” after he stopped eating dairy products, much to his surprise.

Since that watershed moment, the actor has vowed to prioritize his health, debating “old wives’ tales” about what is and isn’t good for your health.

“So I thought, Jeez, I’ve always been told nothing but ‘Milk does a body good,’” he continued.

The next question was, “What else are they lying about?” I recently discovered that many of the things we were taught were lies or deceptive advertising.

In a different interview, where he seems to be promoting the value of eating healthfully and avoiding fast food, Harrelson brings up his astonishing health improvement once more, saying: “All the improvements that happened to me are all related to energy.

“I understand why celebrities are health nuts. You can’t play a leading man if you’re acne-ridden and obese. I got involved in all of this because of my acne!

Doctors were perplexed when symptoms similar to those experienced by actor Woody Harrelson vanished in such a short period. Still, the NHS notes that lactose-intolerant people can control their symptoms by simply changing their diet.

The inability of the body to digest lactose, a type of sugar found primarily in milk and dairy products, causes the widespread stomach problem. Uncomfortable and possibly embarrassing symptoms usually appear a few hours after consuming lactose-containing food or beverage.

Because milk contains a lot of sugar, consuming too much sugar can irritate and cause inflammation, leading to acne breakouts. Acne flare-ups are more specifically associated with elevated IGF-19 levels (insulin-like growth factor 1).

People are encouraged to try eliminating all dairy-containing foods from their diets for at least a month to see if dairy products are affecting their complexion, as Harrelson did.

According to the NHS, dairy products are high in calcium, protein, and vitamins A, B12, and D, essential for developing strong, healthy bones. This means that people who completely abstain from dairy may struggle to get the recommended amount of vitamins and minerals.

Individuals may experience unhealthful weight loss as a result of this, increasing their risk of contracting the following diseases:

If osteoporosis is not treated, osteopenia, defined by extremely low bone mineral density, may develop.

Osteoporosis causes bone deterioration and brittleness, increasing your chances of breaking a bone.

Malnutrition occurs when your body lacks the nutrients it requires to function properly. As a result, your wounds might take longer to heal, and you might feel tired or depressed.

If you’re concerned, the NHS recommends meeting with a qualified dietitian who can advise you on your diet and determine whether you need food supplements.