Women with shorter husbands are sharing their stories to prove size doesn’t matter

Have you ever been rejected because you’re short? Most of the time, ladies do have height criteria in their partner despite knowing it has nothing to do with how good a person is. Similarly, being short doesn’t make you less worthy than someone tall. Just when Lizz Adams shared a pic of herself and her husband, it instantly sparked a debate online.

Lizz Adams sparked a debate about dating short guys when she posted a photo of her husband, who is 5’5.”

Lizz tweeted about how happy she is with her husband, who is relatively shorter than her, and also took a swipe at people who reject guys for their height. She shared that her 5’5” King treats her the way every man should be towards their love. The tweet has gone viral with 27K retweets, 2.7 comments, over 190K likes, and now people are questioning if a man’s height matters in a relationship?

Here’s Lizz’s picture of her and her husband, and as seen, she towers over him.

Following The Above Tweet, Lizz Gave An Update As People Started To Share Their Stories And Photos Of Shorter Men-Tall Women.

Many People Attested That Size, Or Perhaps Height Doesn’t Really Matter In A Relationship.

Someone Pointed On How The Media Portrays That Men Should Always Be Taller Than Their Partner.

Another Shared An Opinion That Sees The Evolution Of Shorter Men.

To be clear, Lizz wasn’t implying that tall men are worse, although statistics claimed tall people are most likely to cheat. Science has equally explained that humans naturally see taller people as more important. And in seeking partners, women consider tall men to be more successful. It turned out American voters tend to choose taller candidates even though this is irrelevant to skills and achievements.

Here’s How People Expressed Their Thoughts On The Subject Matter.