A model has been the target of hundreds of people for trying to turn heads by attending a friend’s wedding in a white dress.

Lacey-Jade Christie displayed the short white dress together with her brightly colored accessories, nails, and jewelry on TikTok.

As she was heading to the wedding, she captioned the video, “I’m headed to a wedding, here’s my fit.”

But other people weren’t slow to express their concerns about the dress, arguing that it was improper for a wedding in terms of both style and color.

“Why would you allow your friend to leave the house looking like that?” a woman questioned.

Someone else remarked, “Not a nice look.”

“In that, I’d die of humiliation… And on every level, it’s a complete tragedy,” another one continued.

“I’d be mortified if someone showed up to my wedding wearing a beach cover-up,” someone else said.

Many individuals told Lacey that she “should know better” for choosing to wear white to a wedding.

“WHITE!!!!!!! Only the bride should wear white,” a woman remarked.

“At a wedding, you shouldn’t wear all white; it’s rude. It’s the bride’s day, not yours; she’s the one in white,” someone else said.

Lacey defended her decision while saying that the outfit was her most controversial to date and expressed surprise at the outpouring of criticism.

She made it clear that she was doing so on this particular day and that not all weddings follow to the same norms.

She went on to say that the brides at the wedding enjoyed the outfit and were overjoyed to see their friends be themselves on the special day.

All I’ve learned this week, she said, “is that most people are really dull and have never been to a queer wedding.”

She also spent time calling out people who had made fatphobic comments, pointing out that they had used phrases like “she wasn’t in the room” in their notes on the post.

“The ones who have to look at you are wounded,” one nasty TikTokker remarked.

Others defended her.

In the comments, “everyone acts like you’re coming to THEIR PERSONAL wedding ot your wedding, not your problem,” one woman wrote.

“I love how people adhere to outdated traditions like excluding guests from wearing white at weddings but still wanting all these different weddings.”  One more person said, “You look wonderful.”

“It’s also terrible to control other people’s clothes for gatherings you weren’t invited to, yet here we are,” a second individual added.

Both brides appeared at the wedding wearing lengthy, navy blue and red sequined gowns.