Michelle Pfeiffer celebrated another year around the sun and looked more lovely than ever.

With her family and friends by her side, the Hollywood diva celebrated her 65th birthday.

On her special day, Michelle posted a stunning snapshot of herself without makeup holding a cake that looked delicious while she sat at a table with her loved ones.

Michelle had her blond hair down and was wearing a patterned blouse.

The actress’ cake was decorated with icing, chocolate, and the words “Happy birthday, Michelle” were written in frosting on the dish. It nearly looked too good to eat.

“Cheers to another beautiful lap around the sun!” she wrote in the caption. “I appreciate all the kind birthday wishes, everyone.” Her friends John Travolta and other well-wishers wished her many more joyful returns by writing: “Happy birthday Michelle! I love JT.”

Following her return to Hollywood in 2021 after a five-year sabbatical, Michelle has had a busy few years. She returned to acting to play the lead role in the dark comedy French Exit, and she has since gone on to work on a number of high-profile films.

When describing her homecoming to Town & Country magazine at the time, she said: “I saw the writing on the wall when I realized my daughter was looking at colleges. This is going to hit me extremely hard, I thought. It’s time for me to resume my filmmaking career…This industry never saves your seat. The competition is fierce.”

There is a period of time when you are neither the genius nor truly old enough to play Frances—you are in that transitional period.

“I’ve reached an age where the details are beginning to intrigue me once more. I suppose it was perfectly timed because I don’t feel like I missed anything.”

Regarding what lies ahead, the celebrity continued, “I want to perform more theater. The thing I wish I had been able to do more of is that, but I currently have too much on my plate.”