A Dairy Queen restaurant in Kewaskum, Wisconsin has gained attention for its bold and politically incorrect sign displayed on the front window. The sign proudly declares the restaurant’s use of traditional holiday greetings like “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Easter,” and “God Bless America.” It also shows support for veterans by offering them free sundaes on Veterans Day, along with words of gratitude for their service.

The owner of the restaurant, Kevin Scheunemann, stands by his decision to display the sign. He explains that it was put up almost four years ago as a way to express his and the staff’s commitment to serving God and their country. The sign was a response to a complaint from a customer about Christian music being played in the restaurant. Since then, the sign has not caused any further issues.

The sign recently gained more attention after a visitor from Oregon shared a photo of it on Facebook, expressing concerns about its supposed exclusivity. The post received significant attention before it was eventually removed. While some people agree with the sign’s message, others have taken offense to the person who shared the photo and expressed their opinions.

Despite the controversy, local business owners have voiced their support for Scheunemann’s decision to display the sign. They argue that patrons are free to leave the restaurant if they do not agree with its beliefs. The community in Kewaskum, a small town, seems to interpret the sign as an expression of the owner’s personal beliefs.

Dairy Queen, as a corporation, has officially stated that Scheunemann’s strategy is not endorsed by the company. They clarify that the sign only represents the opinions of this specific franchise owner. However, they emphasize that all franchisees and employees are expected to treat customers, regardless of their religious views, with respect and decency.

The outspokenness of this small Dairy Queen in Wisconsin has sparked a nationwide conversation about freedom of expression and religious beliefs. Whether you agree or disagree with the sign, it is a reminder that diverse opinions and perspectives are part of the fabric of America.