William Shatner, 91, confirms he doesn’t have long to live in new statement

William Shatner, known for his iconic role as Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek, has recently shared a heart-touching perspective on his own mortality. At the age of 91, he acknowledges that his time is limited and has accepted the reality that he doesn’t have “long to live.”

Shatner’s illustrious career in the entertainment industry has made him a household name. From his first appearance as Captain Kirk in 1966 to his final portrayal in 1994, he has cemented his status as a certified icon. But now, as he reflects on his life, he has chosen to embrace a new project that holds special meaning for him.

In a forthcoming documentary titled You Can Call Me Bill, Shatner delves into his life’s journey. He reveals that while he had received numerous offers to make a documentary before, he had declined them. However, now, knowing that his time is limited, he sees this documentary as a way to reach out to others even after he is gone. As he shared with Variety, “Whether I keel over as I’m speaking to you or 10 years from now, my time is limited, so that’s very much a factor. I’ve got grandchildren. This documentary is a way of reaching out after I die.”

Shatner’s candidness doesn’t stop there. Speaking openly about death, he explains how the portrayal of death in movies and television is far from reality. Instead, he shares a poignant insight: “That’s not how you die. This is how you die […] See? I’m dead.” His sincerity shines through as he compares the experience of putting down a beloved pet to the abruptness of death coming to all of us.

Directed by Alexandre O. Philippe, Shatner’s documentary will make its debut at the upcoming SXSW Film Festival in Texas. This film allows viewers to gain a deeper understanding of the remarkable life that Shatner has lived.

Beyond his career accomplishments, Shatner treasures his family life, especially the role of being a grandfather. He cherishes the joy of spending time with his grandchildren and imparting the lessons he has learned over the years. Family is an essential part of his life, and he makes sure to prioritize quality time with his daughters and going on adventures together.

In 2021, Shatner made headlines when he became the oldest person to fly in space aboard the Blue Origin sub-orbital capsule. This achievement further solidified his status as a trailblazer and an inspiration for generations to come.

No matter what your opinion of him may be, it is undeniable that William Shatner is a fantastic actor who has lived an incredible life. Let us know your thoughts and opinions on this legendary entertainer in the comments section. And if you believe that you will miss him, share this article on Facebook to spread the love and appreciation for this remarkable individual.