The best cleaners are aware of the benefits of adding salt to the toilet. Although plumbers will never admit it, the tip really does work and can help you avoid paying high prices for cleaning supplies.

Why adding salt to the toilet is a good idea

Limescale and grime in the toilet are not friends with salt. It is helpful for cleaning in the bathroom because sodium chloride acts as a disinfectant, absorbs grease, gets rid of moisture, and neutralizes bad odors.

Simply add 100 grams or more of coarse salt to the toilet and sprinkle the edges with it. You must let it sit before washing the bowl.

The salt should be left to sit overnight, though. As a result, the cleaning process will produce better results. Salt can also be substituted with baking soda.

Cleaning should be done daily for a week if there is an offensive smell coming from the toilet pipes. After that, adding a teaspoon of salt to the toilet once a month is sufficient.

Other bathroom applications for salt

Salt can also be used to clear a clogged toilet drain. The procedure is straightforward: pour boiling water over a pinch of salt and down a drain.

But take care! Porcelain and ceramic fixtures cannot be filled with salt and boiling water solution because they cannot withstand high temperatures.

Utilizing salt to give the coffee a stronger flavor is another lesser-known salt-related tip. Additionally, adding a pinch of salt to a glass of wine would enhance the aroma of the fruit that was used to manufacture the beverage.