This phenomenon has many people concerned about the recent increase in the prevalence of rare diseases. Some of these illnesses are so rare that people who get them have awful luck.

However, the news of their condition might instantly go national and be covered by every publication.

The two protagonists in this narrative had their lives completely turned upside down after receiving diagnoses of a disease that is so rare that only a small number of people have ever been known to have it.

On his wife’s hand, the Reddit user saw a number of odd markings, including the ones listed below:

They initially treated the black spots with ointment and later switched to wart treatment since they thought they were just blood clots.

However, neither medication was effective, and the situation got worse as time went on. The black dots developed until they seemed like actual bumps, and some of them even had holes in them.

They decided to schedule an appointment with a plastic surgeon after realizing that one of the dark regions had ruptured and discharged some sort of tissue.

He destroyed the growths that, up to this point, had not returned after being removed.

The doctor informed the two that the woman had a pyogenic granuloma, a disorder that can be brought on by irritation, physical injury, or hormone imbalance.

But as the lumps grew bigger, the two decided to try using an antibiotic ointment together with a wart remover to try to get rid of them.

Both therapies were applied to the growths, but neither was effective.

He described how the bumps kept growing in size and number, and how they started to form tiny openings at the very top.

Some of them eventually burst, revealing the tiny lumps that they contained.

A professional was seen by the concerned couple and voiced fear that it might be a more advanced stage of the skin condition known as melanoma.

Her condition was ultimately determined to be pyogenic granuloma, per the data from the US National Library of Medicine.

Benign tumors called pyrogenic granulomas to appear on the skin as tiny, raised, red lumps.

Even when very slightly damaged, skin lesions can bleed easily.

Although the exact cause of pyogenic granuloma is unknown, the ailment often shows symptoms after being hurt to the hand, arm, or face.

The woman’s hands had the growths surgically removed by a plastic surgeon, and after the process, her hand looked normal again.