We all enjoy social gatherings, going out with friends, enjoyable music, wonderful energy, dancing, and good humor. However, some individuals find enjoyment in learning new things. They go out to engage in various kind of “fun,” like harassing others.

Such things shouldn’t happen to anyone. Never. Women frequently endure such treatment, especially when they are in social gatherings like parties, clubs, bars, or other such occasions. Bullies shouldn’t lead people to be scared to leave the house. This story describes a woman’s encounter with a guy who was a little “curious,” but who was about to discover that he had messed with the wrong person.

Arizonan Krystal Olsen, 32, loves a night out at the club with her closest friends and a few coworkers. Everything was lovely, and they danced while taking in the pleasant ambiance. When she turned around after sensing someone behind her, she saw a guy stroking her butt.

She was unable to put up with such attitude and promptly disciplined him by dragging him outside the club to demonstrate his improper behavior. He shoved Alison into a wall while she was pulling the young man across the club.

She persevered despite this though. She snapped a photo of him crying when the cops arrived, knowing there would be consequences. The man had tears in his eyes, was handcuffed, and was on his knees. His expression is filled with remorse.

Allison posted the picture with the comment, “This guy grabbed my a**, I dragged him out in a chokehold, he slammed me into a wall. And is crying like a bi**h when he got arrested.”  He was crying uncontrollably when he was arrested.

You should be aware that the post instantly became popular, being shared over 100,000 times across various networks. The majority of people supported Alison and her decisions, however some thought she overstepped the mark and was being aggressive.

Alison did the right thing; no one should ever be suddenly touched in public, and those who do so should be held accountable for their acts. If you agree, tell your close ones about this tale!