You’ve surely heard stories about animals who care for other animals and have acquired protective instincts, such as a parrot and a cat, a dog and a raccoon, and so on. This incident falls within the same category; what this man discovered while strolling around the yard is both humorous and really touching. Read on to see what a surprise this man had if you want to experience a dose of happiness and love.

After finishing his coffee, the guy set out to inspect the barn and see if the chickens were producing eggs. One of the chickens had remained still for some time, but the guy failed to notice since he thought it had finally matured into a hen.

Days went by, but the hen stayed virtually exactly where she was as if something odd and uneasy was bothering her.

When the farmer decided to investigate to find out what was going on, he was quite surprised to see that the hen had no eggs underneath her. The comfort of her posture and the warmth from the hen suggested that a cat was resting there.

The man decided to take some images to show his friends and family since he couldn’t get over how cute the entire situation was. Under the chicken wing, the kitten felt safe and at ease. The cat’s biological mother is unknown, but the hen seems to be a wonderful stepmother, don’t you agree?

What an odd but adorable connection; it’s good to have animals that are so unlike from one another that they can have such a lovely bond. Tell your close ones about this beautiful story!