When Angel Fiorini woke up in the middle of the night coughing, she knew right away that her entire house was on fire and that she needed to take fast action.

When rescuers got on the site, they discovered a very perplexing scene: two children were in front of the blazing house, while an unconscious lady and another kid were inside, directly in front of the front door.

It was obvious that the kids had made it out of the flames at the very last second.

Angel reportedly took her 18-month-old baby and 3-year-old child outside. However, this was not enough to keep them secure. Angel had to keep an eye on the two kids to make sure they didn’t try to follow their mother in.

She then locked herself inside with the flames as smoke filled the home and closed the front door. In the meantime, Gianna, Angel’s 7-year-old daughter, was missing.

“She was required to lock the door, but she could not locate the key when she returned, so she laid herself on top of the girl to shield her from the flames,” the woman’s friend Carla Klauder told a TV station.

Angel was severely hurt in the fire and fainted as a result of the flames. A bystander noticed her and Gianna standing in front of the door, kicked through the door, and dragged them outside. Gianna was saved by her mother since she only had 14% of her body surface burned.

Nevertheless, the 29-year-old mother had third-degree burns, and over half of her body was scarred, but she eventually made a full recovery! One of her relatives said, “God was with her that night.”