On September 20, Destiny Klimaszewski, a mother from Missouri, was enjoying an usual Saturday evening.

She was traveling by car to see a friend with her husband, Corey Mantia. Parker, their 1-year-old son, was buckled into a car seat behind them.

“Good Morning America” quoted Klimaszewski as saying, “That day itself was like any other.” “My hubby got out of bed and headed to work. I had the opportunity to play with our youngster at home.

I put on his Halloween costume that morning because we had purchased it the previous evening.

Then I snapped what would be my last photos of my adorable baby.

On July 30, 2011, Klimaszewski and Corey were married. The two had first connected at a football game when they were teens and were high school sweethearts.

Klimaszewski described Corey as saying, “He simply enjoyed everything about me. I was the light of his eye.” He taught me what love was and always placed me first.

Parker was the center of his universe, she claimed. He still wanted to come home and play with him, regardless of how long a day he had worked.

On June 23, 2013, Klimaszewski and Corey welcomed their son. Parker was described by Klimaszewski as a joyful infant who enjoyed swimming, Mickey Mouse, and drawing.

She remembered, “He was obviously a mother and daddy’s kid. He didn’t want anybody but us.” “He just seemed so sophisticated. He accomplished milestones much earlier than other infants his age.

I had the impression that the universe was letting me go through all the experiences I otherwise wouldn’t have had.

“Everything had changed on that day.”

A driver struck the driver’s side of Klimaszewski and Corey’s silver minivan the night of their trip.

In its traffic crash records, the Missouri State Highway Patrol indicated that the other driver’s use of alcohol contributed to the Sept. 20 accident involving Klimaszewski’s family.

Parker the baby passed away there, but Corey, who had fought for his life for almost 24 hours, passed away less than a day later.

The woman who hit them also perished in the collision, leaving Klimaszewski as the only survivor.

As a result of non-life-threatening injuries, Klimaszewski was hospitalized.

She is fortunate, according to Klimaszewski, in that she has no memory of the collision.

All of those memories were essentially erased by the experience, she continued. “I am aware that my mother had to give me a lot of medication because I kept wondering where my baby was. I had a hard time believing he was gone.

I lost everything for which I had lived.

After the incident, Klimaszewski was released two weeks later. She moved into her parents’ house after leaving the house she lived with Corey and Parker.

“I felt so disoriented and threatened. Everything I had ever worked for was gone, and I had no idea what to do,” she stated. There was no “little wake-up call” from my hubby or “What’s for supper?” from him.

“I felt as though I had no reason to breathe or stand up anymore.”

Klimaszewski sought out the help of her loved ones and friends.

She met Brett Klimaszewski a month after the accident, and they got married. At a gathering hosted at Klimaszewski’s brother’s home, the two were first introduced to one another.

Initially just friends, the couple later got hitched on May 20, 2017.

Klimaszewski stated, “I always say that my late husband had a hand in this and sent him to me. “Brett helped me survive. He truly was my rock. He served as my haven. I debated whether or not to be in a relationship at times, but he just wouldn’t leave.

The Klimaszewski family welcomed Cohen, now 2 years old, on February 6, 2018.

Cohen, like Parker, is happiest when he is with his parents, according to Klimaszewski.

She admitted, “I was genuinely terrified to become a mom again.” I feared that if my feelings returned, I wouldn’t be the kind of mother I could be.