Chantelle Edmund was planning an underwater pregnancy with her husband, and while she knew exactly how her child would be born, she was unaware that she would instead endure a mind-boggling experience.

The 26-year-old woman thought she had time to give birth, but when her water broke she had no choice but to call her 8-year-old daughter, Keira Jade, who was with her niece upstairs and watching a movie. Baby Eva Rai did not follow her mother’s plan and decided to give birth two weeks sooner.

Eva Rai was born 35 minutes later, only with the assistance of her older sister’s tiny hands, thanks to the two little girls’ remarkably calm behavior throughout the birthing process. They also brought the mother towels and water.

“My mum just made an alien on the floor,” Keira said as she called an ambulance for her.

The girls’ mother, Chantelle, gave testimony about her daughter, who is understandably horrified by what she has seen and experienced: “Until a few months ago, she thought that children were born through a secret door that she opens in her mother’s womb, but now she loves her sister madly because of which she became a star at school.”