Marriage is said to be among a woman’s happiest life experiences. When her fiancé proposed to her, the young woman was so overjoyed that she decided to take a picture with the ring and post it online. What particular aspect made everyone laugh?

A young woman found herself in this humiliating scenario not long after her lover asked her to marry him and gave her the engagement ring. The woman posed with her long-awaited jewel because her excitement was so intense.

And, like any young woman ready to brag to friends and family, she didn’t think twice before posting the picture on Facebook, expecting an avalanche of congratulations.

It’s simply that when others started to send him negative messages after seeing a less than pleasant aspect, her excitement was swiftly shattered.

The woman’s nails caused quite a stir.

The internet users were more amused by the woman’s filthy nails than by the fact that the engagement ring was a little bit undersized.

Aren’t you ashamed to appear with those nails ?!” was just one of the comments received on the post.

The young woman attempted to delete the photo in vain since it soon gained popularity on Facebook and was seen by tens of thousands of users.