Middle school chorus students from the Hingham Middle School Junior Choral Spectrum in Massachusetts realized they had to take action when they learned their teacher was getting married.

Students wanted to honor Christopher Landis for all the hard work he put in before his wedding to Joe, his future husband.

In light of this, they came up with a surprise they were certain he wouldn’t soon be able to forget. They carried out their strategy at Landis’ wedding rehearsal brunch. Boy, did it have the intended result.

The kids performed a stunning performance of the Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love” after they suddenly dropped by Landis’ practice.

It turned out that they had been practicing in secret every Sunday for a full month to perfect it for a man who deserved it.

What is the best part of it?

Landis, though, is in shambles from the moment the youngsters start to enter until the finish of the singing. The tears soon flow because he is so startled and humbled that many people would go to such tremendous lengths for him.

The video alone makes clear how much affection Landis has for “his kids,” as he calls them, and how much adoration they have for him.

But aside from the emotions conveyed, it’s also important to note that these kids can sing with the best of them!

Watch the amazing video below:

We wish Chris and Joe much success in their future marriage!

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