A man, deeply concerned, heard his wife crying behind their locked bedroom door. Immediately, he pleaded with her to open up and share what had happened. His wife, who was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, was devastated by the side effects of the treatment – losing her beautiful hair.

Her bald head made her feel insecure and self-conscious, especially in public. To regain some confidence, she decided to wear a wig. It resembled her natural hair, and her supportive husband encouraged her choice.

On the other hand, the man’s sister and her twin daughters had recently relocated to their home due to her difficult divorce. In an act of kindness, the man opened his doors to his sister and nieces, unaware of what the future held.

Soon after their arrival, the young nieces became fascinated by their aunt’s wig. They were curious, wanting to touch and even wear it. They innocently questioned their aunt, unaware of the emotions tied to her wig. Despite feeling uncomfortable without it, the woman refused to remove it in front of them.

Days later, the man returned home from work and was alarmed to hear his wife wailing behind their locked bedroom door. Frantically, he tried to open it, desperately seeking answers to her distress. After multiple attempts, his wife unlocked the door, tears streaming down her face.

“What happened? Why are you crying?” he asked, gripping her arms gently for comfort.

“They took away my wig!” she sobbed, pointing towards the door.

Through further questioning, he discovered that his nieces had taken his wife’s wig and refused to return it until she emerged from her room without it. In a twisted turn of events, they even began filming her when she asked for the wig back. Humiliated and desperate, she retreated into her bedroom, refusing to let anyone in.

Enraged by this revelation, the man stormed into the kitchen to confront the young nieces. At first, they seemed baffled by his anger, but eventually handed him the wig. He scolded them, expressing his disappointment in their actions, as it had hurt and humiliated his wife.

The girls dismissed their behavior as a harmless prank, attempting to downplay the incident. Even the man’s sister defended them, accusing his wife of overreacting. However, the man vehemently argued that the girls were at fault for their disrespectful actions towards his wife, who was already feeling vulnerable without her wig. His sister refused to listen, shifting blame onto him for overreacting.

Frustrated and feeling unsupported, the man made a decision. He demanded that his sister and nieces leave his house immediately. At first, they believed he was bluffing, but he was resolute in his choice.

“I later let them know about the eviction since they thought I wasn’t serious, and they started crying, begging that I let it go,” the man shared.

His sister attempted to involve their father to sway his decision, but he remained steadfast in his stance. He knew that his wife felt uncomfortable and unwelcome around his nieces, making eviction the best solution.

Taking to Reddit, the man sought the opinions of fellow users. He questioned whether he was wrong for choosing to kick his sister and nieces out given the circumstances. The responses overwhelmingly supported his decision, stating that the girls, being sixteen, were old enough to understand the consequences of their actions.

One Redditor, Aunty_Fascist, firmly stated, “NTA. They’re 16, old enough to know better and understand that actions have consequences.” They added that the girls deserved to be kicked out for disrespecting his unwell wife.

Another user, gypsy_teacher, shared an anecdote about their own child, emphasizing that even a 6-year-old would have known better than to behave in such a manner. They declared that severe consequences would be in order for their child if they had acted similarly.

Furthermore, Megalush highlighted that their 7-year-old child would never treat others with such disrespect, comparing their behavior favorably to that of the 16-year-old nieces.

One user, laulau88foo, posed an intriguing question: “How would they feel if someone shaved THEIR heads and started filming and laughing?” They concluded that the girls’ actions were rude and commended the man for showing kindness in initially letting them stay with him.

In the end, the majority of Redditors deemed the man’s decision justified. They believed that he had done the right thing by asking his sister and nieces to leave, based on their unacceptable behavior.