The teacher is often the second most important adult in a child’s life. Nancy Bleur, a 54-year-old kindergarten teacher from Iowa, is a kind woman. She enjoys her pupils and goes above and beyond to make sure they are happy.

One day, Camden, a 4-year-old student in her class, wasn’t acting like himself. She made the decision to talk to him in order to figure out what was going on. When the child started talking about his father at that point, she felt her stomach drop. She had a strong urge to act right away.

Darreld Petersen, Camden’s father, was found to be very ill. He was 34 years old. When Nancy learned how serious it was, she worried even more since she couldn’t stand the thought of how it was impacting little Camden. She decided to phone her father at that point.

Darreld’s kidneys were failing to the point that they could only function at 20% of their maximum capability. Camden was terrified to see his father because of how awful he looked following his dialysis session.

Nancy decided she would do anything she could to help the family. Although Nancy might have offered to cook, handle the shopping, watch the kids, or perform any other mundane chore, she went above and beyond to help.

One of her kidneys was offered to Darreld.

She was, fortunately, a perfect match, so all she had to do was quickly complete some paperwork.

“I was anxiously awaiting it. I was ecstatic.”  She acknowledges, “I’m not sure what I would’ve done if I hadn’t been [a match].”

Camden’s father was astounded and thrilled by Nancy’s incredible offer. He could only be saved by her.

“It’s amazing”.  People remain hopeful for a kidney or an organ, in general, every day. “I wished the world had more people who were like her,”. According to Darreld, “She’s giving me a second chance at life,”.

When Nancy’s family learned that her kidney matched Darreld’s, they made the decision to deliver flowers to her at school as a surprise. Camden is ecstatic that his teacher is helping him to save the life of his father.

The world is filled with many nice people! If everyone in the world was as unselfish as Nancy, the world would be a better place. Let’s now pray for a successful operation and a speedy recovery for both patients.

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