According to Keith Rost, an Old Bridge local, the mystery of the 500-pound pasta dump in a creek in New Jersey has purportedly been solved. He asserts that a veteran tidying up his mother’s house before she died committed the act.

Rost claims that on April 28, someone dropped a significant amount of macaroni and alphabet noodles close to Iresick Brook. Rost speculated further that the man’s mother might have collected the food during the pandemic and was looking to get rid of the extra.

In an interview with NBC New York, Rost stated, “I really feel like he was just trying to clear out his parent’s house, and they were probably stocked up over the last years.” “Just in case,” said my grandparents, “they always kept a pantry stocked with pasta and cans.”

A local of Old Bridge Township was taking a stroll in a neighboring woodland region last month when he noticed some weird heaps of spaghetti, which prompted him to investigate the strange pollution in the area.

The resident initially reported the trash to the township before contacting local activist Nina Jochnowitz, who had previously stood for city council in the sixth ward and was in charge of publishing the now-viral photos online.

Although the recent intense rains in the area may have contributed to the appearance of cooked pasta, the issue goes beyond being a source of Italian-food humor. Along with being wasteful, the soggy spaghetti could potentially harm the environment.

According to Jochnowitz, the resident initially believed it to be hay, but upon closer inspection, they discovered a large amount of cooked spaghetti stacked high.

After that, Jochnowitz emailed the township but received no response. She chose to take independent action and visited the scene to take pictures, which she then posted on her public Facebook page for everyone to see.

You could say, ‘Who cares about pasta?’ However, the pasta’s PH will impact the water stream. Jochnowitz cites The Philadelphia Inquirer. That creek must be cleaned up because it feeds into the town’s water supply.

Soon after, public works arrived to remove the unnecessary noodles!