What is aphasia, the terrible disease that causes Bruce Willis to retire from acting?

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Bruce Willis, 67, has announced his retirement owing to health issues. The actor’s current and ex-wives, as well as the actor’s daughters, made a statement on his behalf.

Bruce Willis has announced his retirement. Why is the actor afflicted with the disease?

Between 1987 until 2000, he was married to Demi Moore (59), with whom he has three daughters: Rumer (33), Scout (30), and Tallulah (33). (28).

Bruce married Emma Heming Willis (43), with whom he has two kids, Mabel (9) and Evelyn (13), in 2009. (7).

“We, the family of Bruce’s wonderful supporters, would like to inform you that our dear Bruce has been experiencing some health issues. He was recently diagnosed with aphasia, a cognitive disorder that limits his ability to communicate “According to the actor’s family.

“As a result,” the statement added, “Bruce will resign from his acting career, which has meant so much to him.”

“Our family is going through a difficult period right now. Your love, compassion, and support are greatly appreciated. As a family, we will get through this phase together. We wanted to invite Bruce’s admirers because we know how much he means to you and you to him.”

“Let’s live to the fullest,’ as Bruce usually says,’ and together we aim to do that,” the statement adds, signed by Bruce’s present and ex-wives, as well as the actor’s daughters.

What is aphasia, and what are the signs and symptoms of it? Aphasia is a language problem caused by lesions in the brain’s control center for language expression and understanding. Aphasia makes it difficult for a person to communicate effectively with others.

Aphasia is caused by injury to the language center of the brain, which is usually in the left cerebral hemisphere. Strokes, head injuries, and brain tumors can all cause it.


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