Rumer Willis announced her first child’s birth on Instagram. To announce the news, Demi Moore’s (Ghost) and Bruce Willis’ (Die Hard) eldest child released a black and white photo of herself and her musician boyfriend, Derek Richard Thomas.

The announcement came just nine months after the actor from Die Hard’s family revealed that he had aphasia and would be “stepping aside” from performance.

Moore celebrated the news by writing on Instagram, “I’m entering my hot insane, unhinged granny era.”

On Tuesday, the teaser for Detective Knight: Independence, one of Willis’ final flicks, was released.

What has Bruce Willis said about being a grandfather? Here’s what we know right now.

Demi Moore and her ex-husband Willis separated in 2000 and had a daughter named Rumer. Hostage, The House Bunny, Sorority Row, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood are the films in which the 34-year-old actress has appeared.

In 2015, she competed on and won season 20 of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” and she made her Broadway debut as Roxie Hart in September of the same year.

Since 2020, she has been dating Vista Kicks frontman, Derek Richard Thomas. Thomas is an accomplished musician.

Rumer announced her pregnancy on Instagram on Wednesday (21 December). Along with the news, a black and white photo of the 34-year-old and her boyfriend, Derek Richard Thomas, kissing her expanding baby bulge was shared.

Moore also uploaded identical photos on Instagram with the caption, “Entering my hot wacky unhinged granny period.”

Moore’s second Instagram post on Thursday included a photo of Rumer undergoing ultrasound with the caption, “Saying hello to the little nibblet!!” Rumer, my dear, I am overjoyed for you. I’m delighted to meet this new baby and see your transformation into motherhood.

“I’m excited to be a grandfather,” Bruce Willis remarked. They went on to say that he appreciates having a large family.

According to a source, Bruce is enjoying not working and having more family time since announcing his retirement from acting. He prefers to spend more time with his girls.

Rumer revealed her father’s ambition to become a grandfather in November 2020 on The Talk, confessing that the actor had put “pressure” on her to produce “a son” while she was under lockdown.

Over the quarantine, he said, “So I’d like for you to have a boy because I need some masculine energy in this group,” the woman recalled. “There are a lot of women,” he adds. He has five daughters in addition to my mother and stepmother. Simply said, there is a great deal of female energy. Still, I think, “OK, I’ll be careful who I do that with.”

But it’s critical to wait, she added. It’s critical, in my opinion, to avoid rushing things and making it all about lust or an instant connection before establishing a firm foundation.

The actor announced his retirement from acting in March 2022, claiming aphasia as the reason. “To Bruce’s great followers, as a family, we wanted to communicate that our precious Bruce has been going through some health issues and has recently been diagnosed with aphasia, which is impacting his cognitive abilities,” Rumer wrote on Instagram at the time.

“As a result of this, and after much thought, Bruce is leaving the profession that has meant so much to him. Our family is going through a very difficult period, so we appreciate your love, compassion, and support. We’re dealing with this as a strong family, and we wanted to include his fans because we know how important they are to both of you.

As Bruce often says, “live it up,” and that is exactly what we want to do together.

According to the NHS, people with aphasia usually struggle to understand and use language and read, write, type, speak, and listen. Aphasia is a condition that impairs communication.