What happened to Pat Sajak? Fans were understandably perplexed when Pat Sajak quit the broadcast before the bonus round. What happened with Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak? Many believe this could signal the start of the host’s 42-year run’s demise.

Merv Griffin developed the American game show Wheel of Fortune for ABC, which has been shown nonstop since January 1975. Participants in the competition have three options: solve the riddle, purchase a vowel for $250, or spin the enormous carnival wheel to call a consonant.

Each competitor is worth the amount that the wheel lands on in money. The wheel can be spun until a letter is missed, a bankruptcy is spun, or a turn is lost. A million-dollar grand prize wedge was added to the wheel in 2008, allowing competitors to win a million dollars.

Pat Sajak and Vanna White have been the nighttime hosts of Wheel of Fortune since its premiere in 1983. Sajak suggested that he might give up hosting after Season 40.

“Years pass quickly. The end is almost here. It’s been quite a while. This won’t be done for another 40 years.”

White, Sajak’s co-host, responded differently than her well-known duo. “I simply picture the two of us there. I’m unable to think past that I have no idea. Wheel of Fortune is always associated with Pat and Vanna. We’re kind of like Ken and Barbie,” she remarked to People in December 2022. “Having someone else turn my letters would be strange because we’ve been in everyone’s homes for 40 years.”

Fans immediately wondered where Sajak went when he quit hosting the bonus round in the April 26th program.

What happened with Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak? Pat Sajak was conspicuously absent for the bonus round in the Wednesday, April 26, 2023, Wheel of Fortune program.

Midway through the presentation, Jim Thornton, the announcer for the program since 2011, took over as host. Fans were perplexed about the whereabouts of the veteran host, and fans wondered if Pat was ill or had lost his job. “Pat Sajak, where are you for the last puzzle?” One person questioned, “#WheelOfFortune.” I’ve never seen that happen,” another person wrote. “Wild!”

However, Sajak was not there when Wheel of Fortune returned after a commercial break for the bonus round; Thornton was hosting the part from the announcer’s booth. Sarah came close to solving the bonus puzzle, “Quaint Family Farm,” but eventually couldn’t (she picked “Giant Family Farm”). Despite winning an additional $40,000, Sarah responded, “It’s OK,” and Jim added, “And I got to meet Sarah!”

With the exception of a few announcements, Pat was last seen in the episode’s closing credits. “Did I miss anything?” he enquired to Vanna White as he stepped back into the spotlight. “Not much,” she replied, “just the bonus round.”

Sadly, that is all we are aware of regarding Pat Sajak’s absence from that night’s broadcast. Even some Twitter users thought Jim might get the chance to “audition” for the hosting position when Sajak inevitably leaves. “Can’t help but wonder if this is Jim’s informal interview for the #WheelOfFortune @patsajak position. We are their focus group, and yes. Make your thoughts known.” One user said, “My Dad noticed it right away and gives Jim a thumbs up.”

After Pat Sajak announced his retirement from the venerable game show, Ryan Seacrest will take over as host.

Many people were left wondering who exactly would be taking over the game show after it was revealed that Pat Sajak will be leaving Wheel of Fortune at the end of the forthcoming season.

Vanna White? Would a relative unknown get the job? Or would it go to a compulsive worker who has come to represent hosting responsibilities? It turns out that Ryan Seacrest will be the host of Wheel of Fortune.

In a statement, Ryan Seacrest stated that he would succeed Pat Sajak as host of the iconic game show Wheel of Fortune while simultaneously paying tribute to Sajak, who started presenting the show’s syndicated edition in 1983.