When a family in London placed an advertisement in a newspaper stating that they were seeking for a nanny for their four children, the family was unprepared for the level of attention that the advertisement would generate among journalists and members of the general public.

The income and advantages that come with the employment, on the other hand, are highly distinctive and difficult to disregard. This family has gone above and above to ensure that the nanny job is one of the most desirable options available.

But then I learned that the family, which consists of four children ranging in age from two to fifteen years old, had quite stringent expectations. In point of fact, the mother who composed the advertisement stated, “I think it’s best to just come out and say it: the job is difficult.

Even while they are with their teachers, our children continue to receive their education at home, therefore they require continual care and supervision.”

The mother proceeded to compile a list of responsibilities for the nanny, which included the following items:

1. Requires a degree in Child Psychology from an accredited institution.

2. She is not allowed to have any of her own children.

3. Candidate must have worked as a nanny for a minimum of 15 years.

4. You must be willing to work from seven am to eight pm, six days a week.

5. You should look forward to flying and be willing to go worldwide, sometimes as much as three times a week, because the family owns residences in London, Barbados, Cape Town, and Atlanta.

6. You need to have a valid driving license from the UK.

7. You should ideally have some prior experience with self-defense training. However, if the individual does not already possess this course, the family will offer to pay for them to acquire it. This is not up for discussion in any way.

After then, the mother went on to discuss the positive aspects of the position, which are as follows:

1. An annual income of one hundred thousand pounds

2. The family requests that the nanny always eat with the children, and the meals will be made by famous chefs. However, this is not required, and the nanny is free to select the meals she wants to eat.

3. She is permitted to utilize the cars that belong to the family, which include a Porsche, a Range Rover, and a Maserati.

4. During her spare time, she is free to engage in any activity that she chooses. However, the family needs to make it abundantly clear that excessive drinking and the consumption of illegal substances will not be accepted at all and will result in quick removal from the position.

The mother made the statement on a website in the United Kingdom and stated that she was taken aback by the amount of attention it received from media outlets all over the world. I suppose that everyone is taken aback by the way of living of these individuals…

Over one thousand different ladies have sent in their resumes for this position, and it goes without saying that everyone is curious to find out which one of them will be the one to land this dream job. Or a terrible dream?