Many people, especially in today’s economy, cannot pay their rent or provide primary care for themselves and their families. This young family has been given only seven days’ notice to leave their house, and it appears they will wind up on the streets.

Amy Winter, 26, and Joshua Thain, 27, have three small children. Amy is currently expecting their fourth child. However, the young couple is on benefits and has not paid their rent for several months.

The couple was told to vacate their home by March 31st. As a result, they are now waiting for them to break down the door.

“It’s so horrible that we don’t go out or do anything because we’re worried. I’ve asked my relatives if they can help; they can’t help with housing because they only have one and two bedrooms. My partner’s uncle, who lives in Somerset, is the only person attempting to assist.”

Amy said the housing association threatened to “throw them on the streets.” According to Barnsley Council, they offered the couple options, but they declined because it would require the family to split up.

“I think Barnsley Council need to get off their bottom and figure out what they’re going to do instead of simply telling us one thing and next thing a different thing. After all, that’s happened with Josh losing his mother, I replied, ‘I ain’t dividing my family just because you want me to.’

Sadly, Sanctuary Housing owns the house, and none of the couple’s names appear on the tenancy agreement. They claim to have lived there with Joshua’s mother, Victoria Robertshaw. Nevertheless, she died from Covid in August of last year at 45.

According to Yorkshire Live, a spokeswoman for Sanctuary Housing stated that the decision was not made on the spur of the moment. The pair has been living in the house for months without paying rent.

“On Friday, March 31, an Outright Possession Order for this home was given by a judge at the court, which demands the tenants to evacuate it within seven days. The proceedings included considerable rent arrears that had accumulated due to no rent being paid for several months.

Notwithstanding our efforts to resolve the matter before going to court. “We have been working with Barnsley Council to ensure the residents have access to alternative accommodation as soon as possible so that this house can subsequently be provided to a family on Barnsley’s housing list.”

Jenny Platts, a councilor from Barnsley, added to this. “Our housing team continues to work with the couple, providing them with housing advice and assistance in considering alternate accommodations.”