I love animals and can categorically state that a fully-grown mountain lion should not be chained up in the back of a pickup truck.

But a mountain lion named Mufasa was made to live there.

He was a member of a touring circus in Peru, and his owner made his life a living nightmare so that people may be amused and profit from him.

Fortunately, he was saved by some animal lovers…

Many animals are still mistreated and neglected in zoos, exhibitions, and circuses today. Although many animals’ circumstances have improved recently, there is still a long way to go.

Because countless helpless animals continued to be confined to small areas and denied the chance to have fulfilling lives.

In Peru, a pickup truck was discovered with the mountain lion Mufasa tethered to it. He had been compelled to live there for 20 years, in a life he neither desired nor deserved.

Mufasa’s luck finally arrived in his later years, a blessing. After working diligently for several months, the animal rights group Animal Defenders International secured his freedom in 2015. They discovered him when the group attempted to close down an entire Peruvian circus.

Mufasa’s well-being was significantly improved by experiencing independence. He was given the fundamental right that all wild creatures need to spend their final years embracing nature, living on their terms rather than having to endure a life of stress and oppression.

The video below depicts Mufasa’s first stride toward freedom and tells the touching story of his rescue. It’s incredibly lovely!

After being liberated from the circus, Mufasa spent a few months of freedom before his health started to deteriorate.

20 years of being tethered to the back of a pick-up truck had taken a toll, causing kidney failure and other aging-related problems. According to Animal Defenders International, he passed away in 2015.

But his story continues to make a significant point.

Mufasa was a lovely, kind creature that delighted in being scratched behind the back. While regrettable that he couldn’t spend more time in the Amazon, it would have been even more tragic if he had never known freedom.

No animal should have been abused in the same way as Mustafa! Please spread the word about this film to demonstrate your support for animals!