Walmart and Target, two major retailers, are considering making adjustments to their self-checkout lanes, raising concerns for shoppers. Instead of being open to all, these lanes may soon become exclusive to Walmart+ members and Spark delivery drivers.

Shoppers have been left confused and frustrated after finding some self-checkout lines closed at Walmart. One TikTok user shared their experience, stating that they had visited a different Walmart multiple times, only to find the self-checkouts consistently closed during this specific time. This has resulted in longer waits as regular checkout lines have been the only option available.

A picture posted on Reddit revealed a sign at Walmart indicating that the self-checkout option was limited to Spark shoppers and Walmart Scan & Go users only.

Some shoppers have expressed their frustration and disappointment with these potential changes. For instance, one commenter mentioned that they solely relied on self-checkout when shopping at Walmart and would reconsider shopping there if these changes were implemented. Another shopper shared their experience of enduring a 45-minute wait in line.

Kelsey Bohl, senior manager for corporate communications at Walmart, confirmed that certain stores may make modifications to the availability of self-checkout lanes. Store managers have been granted the autonomy to decide whether to close lanes or restrict their availability based on the needs of employees and customers.

While many customers have voiced their dissatisfaction online, it is important to note that these changes are localized decisions made by individual store managers. The objective is to better manage checkout availability and enhance the overall shopping experience.

As one commenter suggested, hiring additional cashiers could be an alternative solution. Time will tell how these potential changes will impact the shopping experience for Walmart customers.