Recently, a hiker at Mount Apo discovered what may happen when wild animals are treated like household pets.

At 9,692 feet, Mount Apo is the tallest mountain in the Philippines.

The group of hikers at the mountain decided to approach the wild pig so they could feed it and take pictures of it.

But after a while, the hungry beast had enough and reacted. The incident was documented on camera and posted on Kim dela Calzada’s Facebook page, The Strolling Mind.

“Among the many, one curious hiker cautiously attempted to touch it, as you would with any animal you wish to tame when you first meet it. However, the wild pig attacked him after feeling threatened, as is in keeping with its nature,” she wrote in her article.

She stated that the hiker was completely unharmed and that the only damage done by the incident was some holes in his jacket.

The man in the video, Rivera Ronel, sought to explain that he had merely been trying to pick up trash nearby the hungry pig when it turned on him in a copy of a message del Calzada posted as a follow-up.

Ronel also expressed regret for his behavior.

“Sana maging aral ito sa akin at sa iba pang kasamahan ko sa larangan ng mountaineering at maging aware sa lahat ng bagay pag nasa ganitong sitwasyon,” he remarked.

He wrote, “I hope this would be a lesson to me and my fellow mountaineers to be aware in these situations.” in his message after it was translated.

In a Facebook post, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Davao Region encouraged hikers to use caution and respect nature. They specifically cautioned guests against startling wildlife.

“Once again, we are reminding everyone, especially trekkers and climbers, to keep your distance from wild animals and refrain from provoking them,” the organization stated in a post.

The agency further advised, “Much more, DO NOT FEED THEM so they wouldn’t lose their instinct to hunt for food independently,” and “If you see them, let them be.”