Veteran receives amber alert on his phone while driving, looks up and sees vehicle right in front of him

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Receiving an AMBER Alert is something that we have all grown accustomed to in recent years, sometimes we don’t even read the message it holds.

AMBER alerts first started in Dallas-Fort Worth, when local police partnered with broadcasters to create a warning system for abducted children.

Nowadays, when we read the message of a missing kid and the license plate number of the vehicle and the state, some don’t take interest at all – yet we can be the ones who will be the first one to spot the vehicle being looked for.

When a 2-year-old Brooklynne Enix was kidnapped by her dad, Tyler Enix, in Knoxville, TN, the police knew they needed to act quickly.

The dad, was suspected to have killed his ex-wife named Kimberly and abducted her daughter then started fleeing.

Short after that, an Amber Alert was issued for the missing two-year-old girl.

”Bring Brooklynne to someone safe. Take her to someone safe. Take her to a hospital, take her to a fire hall, drop her off with someone safe,” said Knoxville Police Chief David Rausch according to WMC5.

A few minutes later, a veteran by the name of Steve Adams, received the AMBER Alert while at Ohio, two states away from where the horrible incident happened.

While many people seem to tune out these warnings, Adams paid attention.

Steven was trying to figure out what exit he needed to take when he suddenly saw a little hand waving in the car up ahead.

The veteran couldn’t believe his eyes; the little girl fit the description perfectly, the man driving fit the description, and even the car had Tennessee license plates.

As a former military man, Steven Adams is used to looking danger straight in the eye and refusing to shy away.

His training in the armed forces taught him to be vigilant and to always scan the world around him for potential dangers.

Steve Adams acted fast and picked up his phone while tailing the vehicle.

He realized he was following the Amber Alert and kept up with the car for about 20 minutes – all while giving location updates to the 911 dispatcher.

Luckily, cops finally showed up and managed to pull over the murderer’s car. Deputies said they were able to take him into custody without any problems.

Afterwards, the police praised the quick-thinking veteran.

”He kept level headed, follow it, gave us everything we needed”, County Sheriff Steven R. Brenneman said.

Brooklynne’s family, while grieving for the loss of her mother, are thankful that their little girl is safe and sound, all thanks to the actions of one brave veteran.

The AMBER Alert system started in 1996, and more than 800 kids have been saved thanks to it. So please, the next time an AMBER Alert comes on your phone, take it serious. It could save a life.

And when it comes to Steve Adams: Thank you so much for your service. You are a true hero ❤️ Thank God little Brooklynne got saved by you! God Bless ? you Both

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