The co-host of the game show is asking for a pay raise after her last one was 18 years ago.

Vanna White describes the thought of her and Pat Sajak’s time on Wheel of Fortune coming to an end as “depressing.”

Vanna White wants to continue competing!

The 66-year-old Wheel of Fortune co-host is negotiating to extend her contract and go on anchoring the iconic game show after Pat Sajak retires.

According to Entertainment Weekly, agreements about the mechanics of the arrangements have not yet been finalized.

White has been flipping and revealing letters on Wheel of Fortune for over 40 years, along with Sajak, who just announced his departure from the game show at the end of the 41st season.

Puck, who initially revealed White’s goals, claims she is seeking a pay raise in her new contract. Her most recent pay increase appears to have occurred 18 years ago, even though she has received a few incentives. She reportedly makes $3 million yearly, whereas Sajak makes five times that amount.

Sony Pictures Television representatives declined to comment.

“Well, now is the appropriate time. I’ve decided that our 41st season, which debuts in September, will be my last,” the television personality wrote on Twitter. In the months to come, I’ll have more to say. It was a lovely journey. I’m grateful to you all. (At the very least, it will maintain the activity of the clickbait websites!)”

The executive vice president of game shows at Sony Pictures Television, Suzanne Prete, confirmed Sajak’s upcoming retirement and stated he would work as a consultant on the program for the ensuing three years.

It is not altogether shocking to learn that White plans to continue hosting the game show. In December, she acknowledged to PEOPLE that she wasn’t ready to leave Wheel of Fortune.

“I don’t even want to think about that. After all, we are a team,” she said then. “I feel sad about that. I don’t want to even think about it.

White also realized that it would be challenging to see herself or Sajak hosting game shows in the future.

Simply put, I envision the two of us there. I can’t think past that, she confessed.

Continuing, she said, “I can’t even imagine. Wheel of Fortune is synonymous with Pat and Vanna. We resemble Ken and Barbie, you know. We have all lived in one other’s houses for 40 years, so it would feel unusual to have someone else read my letters.”