Vanessa Redgrave is an English actress regarded as one of the most talented of her time. Despite coming from a family of great actresses, Vanessa has achieved unrivaled success on both the stage and the screen. However, the actress’s health took a terrible turn away from the camera when she suffered a near-fatal heart attack.

Due to concerns that she would not live, the actress was rushed to the hospital at age 78. The Mary Queen of Scots actress rallied her immediate family at the time, and she eventually recovered. Vanessa’s health problems worsened after her heart attack because she developed emphysema.

The actress, who plays Call The Midwife on BBC One, praised a “great surgeon” for saving her life after suffering a heart attack and revealed that the incident had a big impact on her life.

“I am here thanks to great surgery,” the actress remarked on Swedish television.

“Heart attacks can be entertaining. It changes you in various ways, but I want to keep things lighter. They have a significant impact on you. You realize how vital life is.”

“I now have a new outlook on life, a new comprehension.”

“I thought I had a good grasp on things. I was enthusiastic about my job, family, the seasons, flowers, science, and the arts. It’s all there.”

“However, when compared to how I view and value things now? Before today, I didn’t give a damn. Everything is a wonder now, I realize.”

According to the British Cardiac Foundation, around 460 heart and circulatory-related fatalities occur in the United Kingdom each day, or every three minutes.

Furthermore, 7.6 million people worldwide suffer from a heart or circulation issue. Thus, Vanessa’s fear about her health was understandable.

In an open interview, Vanessa acknowledged to The Guardian that she was left in the hospital eager to die. ” When I was in the hospital, I wanted to die.”

“It was getting impossible just to survive. I apologized to my daughter and said, “I just think I’m going to have to give up,” knowing she would be angry.

“She didn’t say anything. You have the ability to do it. Go on.’ So, if you need to go, you should go,” she remarked with a lovely smile. That would be fantastic.

“I felt strong again and thought I could go on because she gave me relief.”

Because the actress had family support, her emphysema diagnosis was not wholly unexpected.

“Smoking is what caused it,” she told the Evening Standard. ” If I don’t smoke, my lungs only function at about 30% of their maximum capacity. Of course, I don’t anymore, but I was shocked when my doctor told me that there are still people with this condition.”

According to the NHS, emphysema is a lung disease that causes shortness of breath. The air sacs in the lungs weaken over time, and their inner walls disintegrate, occasionally rupturing.

Because wounded alveoli are unable to function properly, old air is trapped during exhalation, limiting the pathway for new, oxygen-rich air. Many persons who show no signs of the illness may be carriers. However, if you begin to experience shortness of breath even while at rest, you should visit your doctor.

Fingernails that become blue or grey may also be an early sign of emphysema, according to the Mayo Clinic. Vanessa rightly said that lifestyle decisions such as long-term smoking cause the condition. Exposure to dust, chemical fumes, and air pollution can potentially cause the sickness.

Despite the fact that the condition is incurable, drugs can alleviate symptoms and slow its progression. A mix of therapy and medications is the most effective treatment for this.

Individuals should first and foremost quit smoking if they want to slow the growth of the sickness. Other precautions include avoiding respiratory irritants, exercising regularly, sheltering yourself from cold air, and getting an annual flu shot.

Vanessa has since disputed knowing the size of her lungs after being diagnosed with emphysema, stating she has no idea how the Evening Standard received the information.