The US National Women’s Team is facing a significant dilemma as they declare that all 16 members will quit if Lia Thomas, a transgender swimmer known for her exceptional achievements, is given even a tryout opportunity. Coach Joe Barron emphasized that the women on the team are committed to fair play and would prefer to win on their own ability rather than have an overqualified individual join as a “ringer.”

A “ringer” is someone who is exceptionally skilled for a particular event, often leading to an unfair advantage. In this case, the concern arises from the presence of male genitals, which the women on the team do not wish to encounter during their locker room time.

Their primary concern is not allowing a biological male to compete alongside them, as they fear it may lead to the world viewing their accomplishments with less admiration.

While Lia Thomas argues that there is no inherent advantage, given the excessive attention she has received for her 11 world records and NCAA Championship victory, some question the extent of her dominance in comparison to her cisgender counterparts. Nonetheless, the team remains steadfast in their opposition to her participation.