The bond between a mother and her child is unbreakable. A mother will frequently forego her own needs to provide for her kids.

Motherly love is the same whether the mother is a human, dog, cat, or animal.

Dongsuk, a stray cat, had long been fed by the same kind of woman. She was one of many cats that the generous woman looked after.

Dongsuk, however, abruptly stopped eating.

The woman eventually became aware of Dongsuk’s strange behavior. The only food that was packaged in plastic will she accept. Otherwise, regardless of her hunger, she would stand there while the other cats ate.

So the woman started making a bag of food every day to give to Dongsuk. Dongsuk would gently place the bag in her mouth after receiving it and then flee.

The woman decided to join Dongsuk one day after starting to wonder what she was doing with the meals she was given.

She realized that Dongsuk wasn’t taking the food for herself. Her kitten was receiving it from her.

Only one of the five kittens Dongsuk had unfortunately survived after giving birth to just a few weeks ago.

With the same orange and white fur as her mother, the survivor resembled her exactly.

After carefully opening the bag, Dongsuk allowed the child to eat until she was satisfied. Dongsuk would then eat.

She felt compelled to assist them because Dongsuk’s maternal love greatly impacted her.

Find out what happened to Dongsuk and her kitten by watching the video here:

Seeing people devote their entire lives to caring for homeless animals is admirable.

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