Following Lisa Marie Presley’s tragic death on January 12, much new information about her final days and what happened next has emerged. According to TMZ, Lisa Marie’s twin daughters, Finley and Harper, stay with their grandmother, Priscilla Presley, since they find it difficult to return to the house where their mother suffered a heart attack.

Michael Lockwood, the twins’ father, has emphasized their girls’ welfare, according to Entertainment Tonight. According to TMZ, Riley Keough, Lisa Marie’s 33-year-old eldest daughter, is also in Priscilla’s Los Angeles home as the family meets to support one another and prepare for Lisa Marie’s departure.

Riley Keough’s agent revealed in an interview on January 16 that the singer would be buried at Graceland alongside her father and her late son, Benjamin Keough. They also announced a public memorial service on the estate’s front lawn on January 22.

Lisa Marie went to her graveyard just a few days before she died. On January 7, she was at Graceland to help celebrate Elvis’ upcoming 88th birthday. She went to the graves of Elvis and Benjamin with her friend, grief counselor David Kessler, as he later revealed on Instagram. “She showed me where she will be buried someday,” he said. “A long time from now,” I answered, to which she replied, “Yes, I have a lot to do.”

Before burying Lisa Marie Presley could begin, one minor change had to be made. According to a source who spoke with Page Six, there wasn’t enough place to bury Lisa Marie close to her late son, Benjamin Keough. “They’re shifting Benjamin’s interment to make room for Lisa in the cemetery behind the house,” the informant stated.

Indeed, Lisa Marie’s spokesperson confirmed Benjamin’s “slight” move. The job was done undercover before the singer’s funeral on January 22. Lisa Marie’s headstone was one of six placed around the elliptical backyard fountain in Graceland’s Meditation Garden.

According to TMZ, she was buried next to her son Benjamin, across from her father, Elvis. According to People, Elvis’ parents, Gladys and Vernon Presley, and his grandmother, Minnie Mae Presley, are all buried in the Meditation Garden.

Instead of flowers, fans are encouraged to donate gifts in Lisa Marie’s name to The Elvis Presley Charitable. According to People, Lisa Marie’s mother became the sole heir to the Graceland estate after her paternal grandparents died. Therefore, her daughters will inherit.